Thursday, 1 May 2008

Why you should go see Iron Man.

I've just got back and I must say - I love it when I'm not disappointed.

The casting, especially of Tony Stark, is truly perfect. The actor really gets in to character throughout the roller coaster, bullet-strewn morality tale. He's a mysoginistic, often-selfish, egotistical ball of charisma. To hit the old cliche - men want to be him, women want to be with him.

Like in all good hero (super or not) films, the protagonist has to go through a complex, difficult journey and if the actor can't pull this off then the film is pretty pointless. The man who plays Stark has it down perfectly.

As for other casting, Paltrow (as Ms. Pepper Potts) is very well suited. The Arab terrorists are typically evil, as is the big bad guy. On top of that, the voice of Jarvis is amazing.

The plot: At two hours long, it's perfectly paced in my opinion. There are thrills and spills and it keeps you wanting just a tiny bit more.

The effects: Bliss. I know I was in a cinema, but the CGI doesn't look cheap. There is, for example, a great switch between the gritty Mark One suit and the final (in this film, at least) Mark Three.

In short, between the acting, plot, effects, music (Iron Man is cued at the perfect moment) and the last line of the film... It's more than worth watching. Again, in fact! Where's my bike...?

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