Monday, 5 May 2008

Delving back in...

OFMN starts his longest ever placement tomorrow (for some reason, despite the tiny bursary and general lack of government support we get bank holidays off. And there are two this month. Woo). I will be working within a cardiology and rhumotology (which I need to learn how to spell) setting in the 'old' part of the hospital. I have been browsing the internet for mainly cardiological disorders as this is how the ward is weighted, by the sounds of things. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not kidding myself that my brief research will have me all prepared for time within the complicated world of heart problems, but I feel a bit more comfortable if I have a vague idea what some of the acronyms mean.

I'm both excited and nervous, two emotionals rattling my usual cool, calm and collected exterior. I'm going to get in extra early so I can find the place (I considered going on a recon mission today but am just that bit too lazy and would rather relax). Unlike my recent placement, there are no other students from my course coming along, so I'll be all on my lonesome unless there are students from other years/universities also attached. It is, for sure, going to be strange getting back in the swing of things.

I have had 5 weeks off (well, 3 in University and 2 on holiday, but who's counting?) and have been relatively idle. Which has annoyed me. So it'll be good to be actually learning again. And the heart itself is something I find very interesting. So all in all it'll be good to strap myself back in to the ugly student nurse uniform and get out there.

I just hope, as ever, that the staff are a good bunch - I've been told they are, which is a quality start. Failing that, I hope my mentor knows what he or she is talking about and that I get to work with them a lot. I've been lucky on that front for the past two placements, although arguments can be made that my strength of character has meant I've been able to work with my mentor whilst other people I've spoke to have accepted some kind of brush off far too easily.

Right. Back into the swing of things. That considered, I need to do a bank holiday supermarket run to buy sandwich-based supplies.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I think it's spelt rheumatology. Except every time I type it that way firefox objects. So who knows!
Sounds an interesting mix though, I bet you get to see at least one EDS person, even if you do end up making the diagnosis! Good luck, Bendy Girl

OFMN said...

Well, I hope background knowledge from the reading of your blog prompts such a diagnosis. What a 21st century nurse I'd be!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

That would be very web 2.0! And impress whoever you need to impress. My 'friend' Toes has picked up a couple of undiagnosed EDS people in A&E where he nurses just from knowing me, although he's had to phone me and ask what 'that thing you've got' is called. Apparently the bendyness combined with impressive clumsiness gave it away both times, BG