Saturday, 10 May 2008


This story has crossed my internet desk recently.

The idea of giving someone a job regardless of gender, race or age is an amazing one. The idea of giving someone a job because their gender/race/age 'needs' to be represented is a silly one. That's as simple as it goes, for me. To say that 40% of a population is female therefore 40% of the government ministers should be female is highly naive. If you play those odds then surely you have to play the odds of age (baby ministers anyone?), race and religion? And those three just for starters.

Sexism is stupid. However, discriminating towards women to try and reduce sexism isn't going to get anyone anywhere. Education is key, and if the new Spanish cabinet pushes for education - good (although I'm not sure they need to be predominantly female to do that). If it's just a publicity stunt then they're nothing more than expensive role models without the important substance all role models should have.

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