Friday, 9 May 2008

Naysayer Nadine

For anyone who didn't just witness Nadine's laughable attempt at propaganda on Channel4 news, she's still an idiot.

Today a 12-year long study was released about progress made from the late ninties up to 2005. That's a fucking solid study, published into the BMJ (which I'm sure Madine probably counts as part of the 'pro-abortion lobby'). It's longitudinal and covers many hospitals and has found that, although technology and other advances have helped babies born after the 24 weeks, 22 and 23 week old babies still haven't really been thrown a line (surely a pointless arguement if you believe in women's rights?).

Madine rebutted this with bullshit opinion polls and information from Sweeden and her trump card of one hospital. So, apparently the entire British medical community (see: pro-abortion lobby) except for this one hospital should go and learn from Sweeden?

Awesome news.

She pushed her usual 'I'm not anti-abortion' shtick which has been fisked generally around the blogosphere. Not only did she used to have pro-choice views, but now she also speaks out against sex education, too. No sex we're female, it seems. Furthermore, this 'right to life when the baby can feel/hand of hope' shit is grounded in religious pap. I'm surprised she didn't deny being a tool for the Christian zealots of this country, despite the fact she clearly is.

KGM treated her a bit like a kid in a strop. "Yes... Yes, anyway. Anyway..." Probably the best way to treat her.

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