Monday, 19 May 2008

In God's Name...

I'm tired, so this will be close to a ramble. But I want to get it out. (My day, by the way, was passable. Not much to report).

Christian Fundamentalists (the latter syllables being the operative ones) were featured on Channel4 just now, 8-9pm. Nadine Dorries featured, which is shocking considering she often denies connections with Christian movements. She says she's "there for everyone" but I can't remember the last time she listened to any of the massive amount of pro-choice evidence in the country.

These CFs amuse me. Christians in general are very funny to me, but the fundamentalists more so. At least crazed Jihadits have the balls to come out and say they want to kill everyone who's not part of their zany scheme. The whole Christian gig has this 'love everyone' kick. Even more annoying is the sense of 'if you're not with us you're completely and utterly misguided, you poor, Godless fool'. Zealots, pure and simple. All because of blood religion.

Example: I support Liverpool Football Club. My friend supports Manchester United. Currently, they have different things going for them and against them. I can talk about Liverpool's fantastic performances in Europe, they could talk about Manchester United's Premiership dominance. We could debate on those points, amongst others.

Religion isn't involved, therefore neither of us could turn around and say: "I'm right because a mystical figure is on my side." Well, we could, but it wouldn't be true. As soon as you involve religion in an arguement, it just gets silly.

Don't get me wrong - I have my faith, I like faith. Just not when it causes wars or suffering. Which is usually when people try to force it on everyone else like these people are trying to do, whether they admit wanting to be despots or not. '20 Reasons for 20 Weeks' is funded by groups like 'Right to Life' and all that shit, which is religious and 'moral' in it's findings. They want to control the destiny of thousands upon thousands of women. That's just one example of what these Christian Fundamentalists would like to do, given the chance. They protest against Mosques being built because they consider Allah to be a false prophet/the devil, depending who you speak to. They protest at gay meetings because they think people being gay is the work of the devil.

At least Jihad-loons have the evil honesty to hate all outsiders. CFs dress it up as it these people can be 'saved'. If, that is, they turn their backs on all they hold dear. And why? Because they say so. Although they'll tell you it's not their will, but the will of God. Convenient, that.

I have a real ying against people who try to force their way of thinking onto the general population. I'm quite pro-chaos, I suppose, although realistically we don't have it too badly as we could have it underneath a religious regime. I mean, I know we live under a government that has it's own way of running things but it could be the lesser of most of the evils.

As a final point, the concept of praying. There was a man on the programme who had called his Driving School 'MiracLe'. He said he prayed for customers when they ran dry, and God delivered them to him. Obviously, without financial records it'd be difficult to work out just how many customers 'God' brings him, but I'm sure the telephone numbers on his car that's out on the roads most days don't hurt. Some Christians have this idea of 'P.U.S.H.' - 'Pray Until Something Happens'. And if it doesn't happen, God didn't want it to happen. So if you want something to happen and it does, thank God. If it didn't, then you were wrong in the first place to want it. The whole concept just makes me laugh.

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