Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I *do* know what I'm yelling about

Stupid fucking knobheads like this

They annoy me. Well, specifically, Nadine annoys me. A quick look at that article will tell you a few things.

A cross-party selection of MPs are happy with the 24-week limit.

Most Doctor groups believe insignificant improvements have been made to warrant anything less than a 24-week limit.

So, in short: MPs and Medical Organisations agree the current limit is fine. But this idiot, who I am quite worried to mention she used to be a nurse (I think her new vocation of political zealot is much more suited to her ridiculous character), thinks she knows better.

"I respect a woman's right to choose. But we are close to being the abortion capital of the world and it is now time to adopt a more moderate, commonsense approach to abortion."

I.e. "I don't think women having control over their own bodies is a good idea. I should. 'Cause I'm big and clever. Unlike those silly sluts in the real world."

If this is one person I would like to smash, repeatedly, in the face with a sledgehammer it's Nadine Dorries. Not only was she once a nurse, but her arguments have been disproved constantly and yet she still clambers for publicity.

One of my major dislikes is, clearly, sexism. Some people tend to assume that women are more apt and suited to talk about issues of abortion and choice. Which, let's be honest, is bollocks. Firstly - are men effected by these issues? Yes. Do (some) men care? Yes. Does the fact that men do not have the capability to physically give birth to a child make their views less valid? No. It bloody well shouldn't. I don't see how a woman who is physically unable to give birth is more suitable to talk about abortion has automatically more important views because of their gender alone.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Nadine "I respect a woman's right to choose, so long as I make that choice for her" Dorries. Scary, very scary!

OFMN said...

If she would've been my nurse I would've made a sharp, painful recovery!