Friday, 9 May 2008


Anti-social behaviour has been a big issue for a while. And there are, essentially, few answers. Except actually giving people opportunities when they're small so they don't grow up hating the world.

I agree with this Devil's Kitchen article about Boris and his new ban on drinking alcohol on the tube. It's another policy which does little to address an actual problem. Just the effect. So you stop people drinking on the tube (which you don't, since this is unenforceable). What about people getting pissed BEFORE they get on the tube? They're still getting pissed and being a nuisance. You're hardly approached as to the WHY they're doing this.

On a personal note, I was 'egged' on the way back from work. My adorable fold-up bike prompts so much aggression within disaffected youths, this behaviour is not particularly original. Am I annoyed? Not really. Firstly, I actually skilfully dodged the barrage, so didn't actually end up with egg on my face. Second, kids will be kids. I used to play around with eggs when I was a kid. Didn't make me a bad person. I passed a car that had stopped a while up the hill, the driver out and stomping down the road with ire in his eyes. He was less nonplussed. Hell, he was positively plussed.

Does this mean we should ban eggs? Ban children carrying eggs unescorted? Some people would probably say yes. And yes, and yes again until something they loved was about to be outlawed. My life would be slightly less stressful if young men and women were not on the streets, in my way, sometimes giggling about my choice of transport. So should we ban them? How about banning everything else which makes my life stressful? Or yours? What happens when someone doesn't like my habitual style of fold-up bike riding good-natured hijinks? Ban me?

Banning activities whilst ignoring the reasons behind them in the act of a poltroon.

Or someone very fucking stupid.

Ah, it's the weekend. I chose to buy ice cream over beer earlier, and am going to relax with it later, at length, hopefully. Tomorrow I plan to go out and buy some summer-junk from Primark. A classic case of the exploited exploiting the similarly exploited.

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