Monday, 26 May 2008

NHS Ltd.

This story has already nearly ruined my Bank Holiday Monday.

If you can't be arsed followed the link, the story is thus: The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), one of the biggest, most dangerous companies of all time, has agreed to 'gift' a very swish piece of medical technology to the NHS in Scotland. Sounds nice, right? The precondition is that it is to be used on RBS employees '25% of the time'. This is utter bollocks. It's not a gift if there are preconditions attached.

"Happy birthday, mate! Here's a private jet that I'm giving to you! (as long as I get to use it for 100 days a year)" - Doesn't work as a present, really, does it?

The arguement goes thus: There is no waiting list for the specialist scans this device will perform, so there's no problem. Bollocks. The NHS was founded on the idea that people are seen in light of need, not where they come from or who they work for. Simple arguement. This machine undermines the NHS, as does so much NHS policy. I understand that a free, £4 million machine must be tempting for cash strapped NHS trusts, but bribery is bribery whichever way you look at it.

Any private infiltration of the NHS is unacceptable. Despite the fact that such infiltration is rife, doesn't meant we should stand by and let any more happen!

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