Friday, 30 May 2008

Football Quotas

Right. My day wasn't too exciting, so I'll weigh on the idea of national discrimination within Football. Or, rather, Blatter's "5x6" idea.

If you're unaware, FIFA want to make it illegal to field more than 6 'foreign' players in a competitive football match. It's to stop the wealthy clubs (who keep FIFA and football itself alive, let's not forget) buying up all football talent from around the world.

Rich clubs = successful clubs and vice versa. If a club becomes rich and successful then it should be able to expand in whichever way it wants. Rich football is more like a free market economy than some kind of legislated socialism and so it shouldn't be treated as such.

The bottom line is: The Premiership is a honeypot, attracting all the biggest players. Other leagues are jealous. They try to blame rich owners, but how much are Real Madrid paying for players these days? Lots. They try to dress this new regime up as equality within football, but positive discrimination never changed anything.


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