Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Support Workers

It had to come, this post. I'm too opinionated not to have something to say about them.

So, what do I think about Support Workers?

I certainly think they're needed and provide a solid, cash efficient service. Cash efficient in the sense that they do the jobs that modern nurses don't, particularly, need to do.

However, in my experience a number of support workers have chips on their shoulder. By that, I mean they either subscribe to the 'saint complex' of people working in healthcare and moan about being so put upon or, possibly worse, consider themselves to be nurses even though they're untrained.

Support Workers, by the way, are nothing like State-Enrolled nurses of yesteryear. They are represented by Assistant Practitioners nowadays, who, I must add, are very good at what they do.

So, in short, I think SWs are required, but sometimes the actual members of staff fail to amuse me due to several personal characteristics of people who seem to be attracted to the job.

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