Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I love my job

Today I got to take staples out of a patient's head. How awesome and rock & roll is that? I only got to take out five, but still. It was an experience.

It led me to reflect on how good the ward has been to me and how they've challenged me but not pushed me too far. There are other students who don't even write up about their patients at the end of the shift, but for this week I've been taking one bay of the ward and doing the writing and stuff. These students have been there longer than me, which makes me wonder just why not?

Ambition is key when you're out to impress, which you are when you're a student nurse, if you ask me. And plus, I live by the motto of: You don't ask, you don't get. So if you're not asking things, putting yourself in positive positions and being proactive you're not getting the best out of your vocation.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it. I spoke to another student in a rhuemotology ward who said they're doing a lot of bottom wiping. I know basic care is important, but I've got plenty of experience of it on this ward. Along with other rock and roll things, like staple pulling. Woo.

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