Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I'm a topsy-turvy thinker...

Recently I've been getting up early for my late shifts. I suppose I should be getting as much sleep as possible, but a) I always feel crappy when I've overslept and b) I like waking up to old episodes of Frasier. Guilty pleasures forever!

It was doing this this very morning that I realised how I appreciate traditionally masculine behavioural characteristics in women. Roz is clearly a big example of this phenomenon. Pity she's only a fictional character, really, but she is awesome, let's be honest. As for why, well it comes back to the characteristics. General horniness counts for a lot, obviously. Apathy mixed with confidence, too. But at the same time she's not too masculine - which would be a bit weird. She flirts between the traditional characteristics of both genders quite skilfully.

I suppose I like her, and the concept, so much because it's what I do in every day life. And the 'birds of a feather/opposites attract' debate aside, I find that idea in women attractive. As mentioned, it's just a shame she's a fictional character. I don't think such women exist in the real world.

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