Thursday, 20 December 2007

Good News and the NHS Compared to Scrubs

Firstly, the good news.

I may not have mentioned, but I consider myself something of an artist (indeed my first degree was in the arts). Obviously, I'm not talented or perhaps driven enough to make money from it, but I do enjoy it.

I've been commissioned to do some medical drawings for one of my lecturers. The work itself is unpaid, but my name gets to go on the documents they'll be attached to, which is, at least, exposure. So I'm happy.

Now, for the second part of the topic. Last placement, a patient asked me if working in the hospital was anything like the hit Am-Com Scrubs. I thought about it a bit, and - perhaps surprisingly, it is. Just a little bit.

For example - nurses care a lot more about their patients than doctors do. Doctors often talk about patients as objects, and talk about them rather than to them. So in that respect, a large slice of doctors act like the typical Surgeon in Sacred Heart. Nurses also bitch a lot, which is a bit of a mirror image.

In the programme and in the NHS money is a constant ball-ache. The big wigs in management who, unlike Kelso, aren't even Doctors, like to naysay far too much, stopping patients from getting the best treatment.

On that note, there is the idea of risk. If something's too risky, medical staff don't want to do it in case it has an impact on their stats, and so - again - patients suffer.

They're all I can think of for now, but I'll make sure to add more as they come up. Considering the gulf between systems (and the fact that one is a comedy and one situation is real life) there are surprising parallels.

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