Friday, 14 December 2007

My first late shift in an Iron Age

Yes. It means I can wake up at the lesiurely (ha) time of 8:10am. I like to wake up laughing quite annoyingly at Fraiser before slumming around all day before going to placement.

It's also my last day today, which is quite sad. Sure, I won't miss riding through this lovely city in the actual below zero freezing cold, trying not to fall off my bike at half six in the morning. And I will find University quite the breeze in comparison.

But I will miss an actual sense of well being I come away with for the first time in any kind of job. And I will miss, a little bit, the pride I can stand up with in some kind of social situation and say: "I'm a nurse."

(Only when asked what I do, like. I don't do it just for kicks. And I know I'm still a trainee nurse, but it doesn't feel like it until you're actually working)

I've been peppered with praise from staff and patients, including a few who don't really know me, yesterday, which is lovely, even if some of it may be bullshit. From a totally vain point of view, I'm hoping for a little more today. And I'm hoping people miss me, when I'm gone. "Remember that Pete guy?" they might say. "He was a top class student nurse."

Or something similar.

Idle daydreaming aside, I just want to get my paperwork finished and handed in and marked and passed by the bigwigs. Staying on the course is more important than my unsinkable ego.

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