Sunday, 9 December 2007


Good weekend, I have to report. It started off with a less than good beginning, with me losing a tunic and my fob watch, which I'm not amused about. If I'm lucky I would've left it in the Staff Room and it'll be there for me tomorrow. We'll see.

I went home for the weekend, anyway (I'm studying away from home, you see). Originally I was half doing it just to get my washing done, but it was actually good to see everyone and everything. I got to get a bit drunk and see my new nephew (not in that order), which was fun. I got to see Liverpool lose and chat up yet another bird who had a boyfriend (and mentioned him within the first five minutes of chatting, which was, I suppose, quite polite). I don't know how I do it.

She wasn't fit, really, but I met a Staff Nurse this week who really was. Plus she wore the actual nurse dress rather than the pants and tunic set up, which is both fit and uber cool.

One day, I might actually chat up an attractive, single woman out on the town. I wouldn't bet on it, though.

So, I don't know why I have this knack of locating women who are attatched. I do, however, know why Liverpool got creamed yesterday.

1) Reading were outstanding. Plain and simple. I've always liked them, and they proved their worth yesterday, despite a stuttering start to the season.

2) The Liverpool players, apart from Carra, Stevie and Torres were pathetic. Crouch? Absent. Vronin? Pathetic. Mascearno? A buffoon. Sissoko? A joke. I could go on, but they were the worst offenders.

3) The Liverpool system was all wrong. It allowed Stevie to play how he wanted, but the two bollocks midfielders infront of the back four weren't good enough. That system works with Alonso, who can actually pass the ball. Those two can't. Rafa had the full backs charging up the flanks, which left huge holes in our defense for Reading to counter attack, which they did very well. Additionally, third Captain (?!) Riise couldn't hit water if he was standing on a boat. I used to be a fan, but he's lost it. And there are much better players in the squad. Squad selection and substitutions were tricky, with Tuesday in mind, but Rafa could've done better.

And the players could've actually shown up.

Pundits go on about Liverpool scoring for fun, but it's actually Stevie and Fernando scoring and making the goals. You take them out of the system and you're left with a bunch of no marks. Which we saw for most of yesterdays game. Bah, humbug.

Christmas will be a football mountain to climb. Tuesday and Sunday are must-wins. The rest of the games even more so. Thankfully this weekend some close teams dropped points, but that's no excuse.

I despair, sometimes. Maybe I'll watch Spooks on Tuesday.

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