Thursday, 6 December 2007

Random Thoughts

Firstly, am I the best student nurse ever?

Maybe not. But I'm pretty darn close.

Wrote my first nursing evaluation today, which was a bit wordy (a quality that is likely to be inscribed on my tombstone) but generally top notch.

Secondly, the story of 'The Lyrical Terrorist' amused me today. To make a rather funny comparison:

Lyrical Terrorist: Wrote about being a martyr (in the blowing oneself to pieces along with as many infidels as possible to reach some kind of heaven sense). Collected 'a library' of terrorist material. Praised Osama Bin Laden.

Punishment? Jail was on the cards, but she gets off with community service.

Mrs Gibbons: Accidently named a teddy bear the name of a Prophet of Islam (or 7 year old boy, depending which way you look at it). Co-operated with kiddies.

Punishment? Immense jail time or an ungoldy amount of lashes were spoke of. Only political pressure pulled her out of a Sudanese jail which would make UK Women's Prison look like a holiday camp.

Ha. Whenever you feel a bit demoralised living in this country, do remember - it could be a lot worse.

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