Friday, 4 July 2008

On reflection...

So that's it. My time on my Third Ward is over. And, as ever, I'm a little bit teary. So, what's happened? Some friends became enemies, some enemies became friends, in the words of Stewie Griffin. Thus it's time for a little epilogue.

I've met some people who I now respect. That's a good thing. People have been lovely to me today, with nurses and patients bidding me a fond adieu and even the doctors popped by to say goodbye and wish me well. I've impressed some people, and I've made some people happy. That's what I go to school for, so to speak.

10 weeks has been a long time, even if it has felt as if it's passed quickly. Despite the fact the ward was nowhere near as quickly paced as my Second Ward, I'm still in some desperate need of R&R. And going back to University certainly counts as that.

So, in a Crystal Maze sense, Richard O'Brian is telling me that my time is up in this zone. Time to go through some old, plastic tunnels into a new one.

I always liked the Medieval Zone, myself. Although, in healthcare, this might be an unfortunately pertinent metaphor.

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