Wednesday, 16 July 2008


News Stories have always interested me. Stories relating to nursing and sexism, or - ye goddes! - both even more so.

This story caught my eye today, the byline of which reads:

Male nurse 'abused' 23 patients

This got me to thinking whether this was a common theme within the BBC. I have previously illustrated my annoyance with female soldiers being singled out and how this surely sets back the course of equality in several senses. So I went trawling through achieves to see how this has been dealt with by the BBC in the past.

These links all illustrate the BBC's previous lack of byline discrimination. The byline contains the description 'Nurse' and doesn't specify gender.

So why the seemingly sudden change? It's curious. I know the man from the first article is quite the funny looking arse-hat, but the byline itself surprised me, especially since it's not a practice the BBC have previously seemed to engage in. Oh well.

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