Friday, 4 July 2008

Last Shift #3

So, this shift coming up (a late, which is ever so annoying to wait for) is my last one on my current ward. Reflections?

Well, the ward is understaffed, plagued by staff sickness and not amazingly managed. On top of that, it is on the bottom rung on many priorities of departments and bed managers. I believe this makes it a less than positive place to work, nevermind learn.

All in all, I wish my second placement could've been swapped with this one. There was much more left for me to do in a possible three weeks last time, whereas on the current ward 7 weeks would've been more than enough time to experience all there was to do. Additionally, I worked a lot more closely with my mentor last time, which is a way of working more conductive to me, learning-wise.

The ward I'm on currently isn't bad, but it isn't a whirlygig of learning fun, either. Shame, really.

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