Thursday, 12 June 2008

I almost failed my course and all I got was this lousy t-shirt...

So, yeah. Busy week.

On Tuesday I was told my paperwork was due in on Thursday. That's today. As previously discussed, my current ward has staffing issues. Which means, on Wednesday I had to flutter my eyelashes a bit to get this anywhere near finished. So I worked a whole day Wednesday to meet one of my mentors (I have about seven, thanks to said staffing issues) who was coming in on a night. I begged her to finish the important bits overnight so I could hand it in and be done with it. I got up at 6 this morning to pedal all the way there to pick it up. I had to wait an hour to have it signed off by one of the Charge Nurses. I pedalled all the way back, scanned it, got it signed off and handed it in. Phew.

Except for the sheer amount of pencil I've used, and the fact it's a rush job, it counts as a pass. I'm eternally thankful for said fortune.

Ontop of that, I was supposed to pick up essay feedback a month ago that I forgot about. I've sorted picking it up from the big cheese of the University tomorrow. Hopefully I'm going to get through that with the minimum of interrogation. I might pass, too. That'd be nice. But the resits are at the end of next month, which I'll certainly pass, worse case scenario.

The only other issue today: I found someone's practice placement book today and, after e-mailing them to tell them where it was, had a peek. They've done lots more spoke placements (in other parts of the hospital) than me and have dressed things up more. I mean, they've wrote this big blurb about watching cathertisation happen, as an example. Now, I've saw bits and pieces and took a catheter out myself, I just haven't tarted it up for my book. And insecurities aside, I'm predominantly happy. I'm still a good student nurse, impressing third years I work with, so I can't be doing that bad. A couple more spokes, and I'll quest to get some more skills on ward. Good to go.

Now, I might sleep.

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