Monday, 16 June 2008

Good days

A short one today. Post, not shift.

I try to keep the interest of my patients in the forefront of things all day, clearly. Part of this involves trying to jump in on ward rounds to translate (usually later, as to not irritate or undermine any doctors) the medical speak for them. This is reasonably important and makes me feel happy, like I'm accomplishing something. Always a bonus.

I was sad to find that, despite me handing it over, writing it on handover and telling people face-to-face that noone had enquired into the possibility of weekend leave for one of my patients (they don't belong to me, but they're under my team juristiction so I group them as 'mine'). When I first brought it up with a support worker within conversation, they were pretty negative about the whole thing, betting the patient wouldn't be allowed to go home. This, though, is no reason not to at least broach the subject.

Happily, I did this morning and said patient, who is still waiting for various tests, will be allowed to go home this coming weekend. The patient was happy, so I was. Another tiny, but important, victory.

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