Friday, 6 June 2008

Friday, I'm not in love.

So, two shifts later. I spent a hungover late Thursday shift, with little sympathy from staff or patients.

I decided to bash through an early on Friday, which this mood of mine is the end of. I had a busy shift, in bits. One bedfast patient caught a lot of time from various members of the nursing and student teams, soaking effort up like a sponge. This patient should really be in either rehab (they are, according to rehab teams, not rehab-able) or a home. Not an acute medical bed.

I spent most of the rest of the shift (which I should've spent working with my actual mentor) was wasted down in Ear, Nose and Throat with one of my patients. I've made this jape again and will make it. Our time down there was like a Bob Monkhouse show. Joke, after joke, after joke (Geddit??). Firstly, despite booking the porters in time, they didn't arrive, hence why I had to take the patient down. Then two reception desks were closed, leading us on a merry dance. Then ENT had no idea what we were there for, so I had to explain what was already in the notes. We waited an hour before they came back, asking us more questions about why we were there. Finally, after a while more of uncomfortable waiting, the patient was dealt with.

This is not the first time I've waited forever in ENT. If they know there are always delays, why schedule the appointments so close together? Dolts.

I got back, roped into helping to change that bedfast patient. Just to prove my skills are still immense, I also ran the blood sugars of the patient who I'd pushed and pulled down to ENT for those hours. They were also a diabetic, which is another reason waiting two hours somewhere with no suitable food might be a fucking stupid idea. It was high, so I suggested DGN give the patient ActRapid, which is treatment for high blood sugars. DGN looked at me, stating that ActRapid was only to be used if the blood sugar (BM) was over a score of 20. With an enviably level of humility, I informed her that this patient was to have a lesser dose of ActRapid if the BMs were over 16, which they were. Good to know I was still on the ball after all that.

In other news, my paperwork has almost been started. 5 weeks into the placement. Not a big surprise. In fact, I'll be more surprised when someone actually gets my paperwork done on time within these 3 years. When or if.

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