Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Homophobia Vs. Old Fashion

One of my patients, who I quite like for the record, is quite annoyingly homophobic. This could be chalked up to 'old fashioned', but that's bullshit. Prejudices shouldn't be allowed just because someone's a bit old. Their homophobia comprises of insulting me for occassionally placing a hand on my hip, asking if I go out in the gay district (which I do, since it's quite popular) and saying 'Hello, sailor'. I shit you not. Anyway, I'm not going to make an issue of it just now, but it's pretty annoying.

Additionally, I realised I was in a bad mood today. But it's a good sorta bad mood, because I - rationally - know I'm going through it. I realised when I kinda almost shouted at Year1Semester1 student nurse. In all fairness, they did fuck up yesterday and, in messing with a machine in my bay were messing around with the whole nursing team system - which is in place, for better or worse. Anyway, I was being slightly irrational but also doing the right thing. I told them to go away, anyway, as they very well might've made a mistake.

I don't really like Year1Sem1 much. They're a bit like me when I first started, except without the character. A bit bland, all told. They live in the same block as me, but I'm not really excited about making them into a new friend. That says enough.

Anyway, here's hoping my mood improves.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Goodness, you are grumpy aren't you?! BG

OFMN said...

When I'm in a bad mood I'm a cranky old sod, yes.