Friday, 11 January 2008

World War Z

World War Z was the perfect book for me to read recently. Myself, as a silly boy with his head at least slightly still in the clouds, and friends I hold close to me have discussed one fictional possibility more than any other. Zombie Scenario.

We have theories. We used to have plans for escape when we lived in Leeds (that's right. I don't live in Leeds anymore). We discussed Zombie killing and avoidance. Allsorts.

Max Booth, author of World War Z, makes us look like rank amateurs.

It's the hindsight tale of a fictional World War - Human Vs. Zombies. He has created an entire, all-too realistic universe were greed, fear and ignorance drive the human race to the brink of extinction.

For Zombie-geeks, it's utter bliss. It points out the horrific simplicity which the Zombies would use to win. As one of the characters puts: A normal army, a normal enemy, needs three things. To be: bred, fed and led. Zombies don't need food. They don't need to be led in the classic sense. And bred? They kill a human. The human becomes a zombie. How's that for breeding?

For normal people who would never spend time planning for this kind of apocalypse, it's an eye-opening look into human behaviour. Abandonment, desperation.. Horrible (let's ignore fictional) situations and the angelic to horrible people in them.

God, read it. Whatever you do, read it before it's too late.

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