Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I learnt one thing in class today.

Everything that's not being nice counts as abuse.

That's my catch-all solution to all possible nursing problems. Fuck, sometimes being nice counts as abuse. If you want to answer any question within nursing education, it might be worth keeping 'abuse' not far from the tip of your tongue.

Ha. What a lovely world we live in.

I'm okay, other than amused. Well. And now bald, thanks to the sheer hair pulling out that I've done over Liverpool recently.

My plan, you ask? What would I do to sort out Liverpool's troubles?

Get rid of Rafa. I'm quick to reason against constant managerial changes, but Rafa is going from bad to worse. Bad tactics, bad subs, bad buys. 2007/08 was supposed to be his year. His team, his performance. Bollocks.

Get rid of Rafa, hell, bring in the dreaded Special One. At least he could make a team play together.

People are moaning about the Americans but people moaned about the Glazers at Man United. What's happened since they took over? Well, Old Trafford has been expanded and they've made consistent big money buys over the past two years. Apparently the Glazers were going to ruin and asset strip Man United. It appears common sense has prevailed. You don't kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

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