Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Start as I mean to go on...

With some gender political ranting, of course!

Let me start talking about Burlesque. Generally, I like Burlesque. The idea of it, I mean. And in it's heyday I bet it was on the spectacular side. And watching Dita Von Teese is probably something similar.

The only experience, other than reading about, I have of modern Burlesque is the performances I've attended. Which have, unfortunately, been very amateur and rubbish. And nothing like I imagined. Dita, for example, talks about every day glamour, which sounds a lot of fun to me. Dressing up, after all, counts as fun. But the girls who I've watched at Burlesque were treating it like a single performance when, I thought, it was supposed to be something that was lived, you know?

I suppose my main annoyance is about how lucky women are to have something quite empowering like Burlesque. The minority of men who actually care about looking and feeling good (as well as believing these two things are connected) have no such lovely device. And as much as I like being part of a niche group, it'd be nice if current trends didn't propagate themselves over and over again.

Oh, it's a hard knock life.

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