Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Stupidity and the War of the Sexes

A while ago, I mentioned my sexist leaderboard. Lecturers receive a plus point for a comment encouraging or propagating the idea of equal opportunities. They receive a negative mark for a sexist comment that deserves to fuck off back to the 1970s were it belongs. This often revolves around doctors referred to in the masculine ('he did..' 'his'.. etc.) or nurses referred to as universally female.

I mean, how hard it is it say 'He or she may..' or even 'They'? It's not fucking rocket science. And this is the kind of thing I reckon a lot of old in the tooth M.D.s get shot down for. Why not nurse lecturers?

Possibly because the course attendees pander to it (present company excepted) like a crowd of clapping seals. The female members (and this is in my experience, only, at my place of study - not a generalisation) agree like nodding dogs and the scant other men in the group agree as to suck up. And because they seem to have no backbone when it comes to standing up and offending people.

It's infuriating. In the classic sense - to cause fury. In me.

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