Sunday, 23 March 2008

Let Off Early

I was let off early today. Like, hours early. Which was actually reasonably amusing.

Firstly, I'm not excessively well. Secondly, it's a Bank Holiday and I dragged myself in through the snow on my bike. So, four hours later my mentor let me know she'd pull some strings and got me off today and made sure I don't have to work on tomorrow's bank holiday. Woohoo.

I felt reasonably guilty, actually. Not that I'm essential to the running of our ward, but doesn't help my ego to think it!

Anyway, this means, thanks to other factors, I only have two days left. I'll have to look forward to them, since once I finish it's back to boring University and essays. But I'm not going to tell my mentor as well as my boss "No, you've offered to let me off early but I'll stay and work...". I'd finished my duties, and I work hard on normal days.

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