Friday, 14 March 2008

A good day

Today was quite funny, really. For a early-after-a-late shift I was in a shockingly chirpy mood. This mood increased when it turned out that our Ward Manager, due to unreliable NHS Professional temps (who else?) asked me personally to help her out with a bay. This meant I wasn't working with my mentor, but I was working with the WM who (I think I've previously documented) is mint. She sort of throws me into situations that I'm slightly nervous about, but quite competent in once I get my hands dirty.

For example, my awesome moment of today centred around a V.A.C. system. Something I have mentioned before and have sort of helped with. Anyway, short staffed as we were I sort of volunteered to do a dressing all on my own. But not, as the patient in question is quite experienced with it, too.

Using a bit of nouse as well as skill and luck, we got it done between us. Which made me feel pleased. V.A.C. stuff is pretty new, and here's me educated in it.

The rest of the day was useful. I helped out with numerous tasks, as well as looking after the bay for most of the shift. To end the day I muscled my way into a surgeon's makeshift class with medical students, educating the sprogs on how to do a good abdo-exam. Free education! On top of that, when I asked and when I thanked him later he seemed pleasantly surprised. I'm fighting the corner of intellectual student nurses, you see.

My writing is getting better, which is worthy of comment. I can only fret that my essays are being neglected, but I'm sure I can blag something, soon enough.

Tomorrow is my first saturday in, which I'm not looking forward to, but after a good day like today I'll struggle on.

P.S. The girl from previous posts got back to me. It was a quite scorpion-woman 'no' to an offer of a drink, stating instead 'maybe we'll bump into each other in town sometime!'.

This could mean - in girl-code - that she wants me to go to the same place as we met last week, but I'm not playing those sort of code games. Besides, I have a job to do.

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