Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Hot Fuzz Review

Review follows. If you don't want to know, don't look down. I don't spoil the plot, but I do fisk it comprehensively.

Now, the Hot Fuzz comprehensive review you've been waiting for.

*** out of *****

I was excited, but left feeling like someone had promised me a blowjob, kissed my cockhead and walked away.

Plot: Not to reveal any spoilers, the plot is pretty much what you see in the trailers. It links together very well and ties up all loose ends. The problem is not the plot.

Script: Poor. They could've done so much more. Only half of one Spaced reference, which could've been taken a lot further. A couple of Shaun references, but nothing decent. Infinitely unquoteable. Nick Frost gets all the decent lines, the few there are.

Production: Shaun of the Dead managed to look cool and underground, as well as slick. It refines the 'kettle-door slam-footstep' motif to a predictable level. Bit too slick for me. It lacks any edge, or any of the amatuerish pahzaaz that comes with such production (i.e. Spaced). All too *nice* for me.

Characters/Casting: Nick Frost's character is very likeable. My big issue, though, is that they didn't make him more like Mike. It's like they were delibritely trying to keep the two seperate, but there's only so many 'Action-Film-and-Gun-Mad-But-Adorable' analogues you can use, you know? He's great, though.

Nicholas Angel is a bit boring. Not much there. Simon Pegg can't play roles unlike him very well, and unlike Tim/Shaun, Angel is a bit too straight laced for him. They get him looking right, older and straight faced, but I didn't feel he was a decent protagonist. No charisma.

Timothy Dalton is phenomonal. Best actor in the whole thing.

Olivia Hamilton (the bird from Peep Show) is 2D and fills the role of 'modern, quite rude kind of woman'. Yawnsworthy. I think she's a bad actress anyway, and this doesn't do her any favours.

Eldon is excellent, but under-used.

Bill Bailey is a bit like Ballack this season. You feel he's playing in second gear.

Martin Freeman sells out (the fucker) and basically plays David Brent. He's only on screen for 5 minutes, but he's a Gervais rip-off.

Steve Coogan isn't in it much, either, but he's shit. A non-entity.

Bill Nigh fills the role he always does. Yawn.

Generally, I was worried that the over-promotion was there to make up for something. And it was. The film isn't a comedy. It's a lame-ish spoof on action films. It's not an action film, not a drama and certainly doesn't count as comedy.

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