Thursday, 22 February 2007

As for Wimbledon...

and the associated price changes, well, I think it's actually inequal now they've changed the pay structure - not that real lovers of the sport play for the money, of course... Not. I don't think.

You ask me (and given this is my blog, you don't have a choice) sport is a profession. Like a career. Now, equal pay for boys and girls in exactly the same career? Great. All for it. Should be the norm.


On a very basic level, the men have to work harder to make their money. 5 games instead of 3. And I'm sure those games really rack up when you're pounding the clay (or is it lawn?). But now female tennis players will be getting more money for doing less work. You can argue that girls are basically physically not as strong as boys. But given there's no gender-on-gender (except the mixed doubles) then this shouldn't be a huge problem. So it still seems a bit unbalanced.

I can't imagine, in another career, where that would happen.

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