Sunday, 5 April 2009

It's not brain surgery...

Actually it is. What I saw, today.

It started off as a normal long day of a shift. My associate mentor is still off, so I was placed with a Band 5/6 and set about working. Or trying to. Despite the fact that Annoying-Band-7 told us our patient was ready to be moved into a side ward due to an infection, he really wasn't. In fact, the night nurse had no idea he was moving.

That put us back about two hours, with a patient who was already quite sick. Sedated, ventilated and bed bound. With a history as long as your arm and a very poor prognosis. A history of strange behaviour and substance abuse. After a day of helping provide care to this quite Level 3 patient, of which I was mostly successful, and then got to go and watch him in surgery.

I got to scrub up, which was more than interesting as an experience, and then I got to watch the worrying experience of cutting open a head, drilling through the skull and taking out flaps. It was... an eye opening experience. Which, given what was happening to the patient, was probably quite a luck event. I'd rather have my eyes opened than my skull...

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