Friday, 17 April 2009

Good news..

... and the bad news.

More feedback from my day calling the shots.


Improvements in mouth care, eye care, ANTT, dressing changes.

My planning began well, especially given there are only some things I can plan for. It was my second long day and my first ever day planning a day for a patient. I kept an eye on infusions, which is something I haven't been too good at before. I planned for turns and the like in advance.


I think too 'medically' and need to take a step back from this.

My planning became less effective as the day went on and our patient deteriorated.

I was too rigid and set towards set times, when working on ICU involves doing some things early, some things later, not necessarily on the hour.

Basic cares still need improvement.

I need to not talk to doctors without speaking with nurses first.


These are the views of my associate mentor. I'll talk about how I feel re: them later, but just wanted to get them down. It is the end of my last two long days in a row, I'm teary and generally irritable. I'm conciously accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative, as the song goes, and will reflect again soon.

Progress, though, is important! It should be noted I also directed all medical questions from the family to someone else, which is more progress.

Right now, though, I hate this placement and parts of me hate nursing because of it.

I do need some sleep, though.

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