Monday, 27 April 2009

I'm not alone.

That is to say I am not the only one who is confused in respect to my recent placement failure. I have just got back from seeing my personal tutor who was very understanding, and quite perplexed to the noted criticisms levelled against me. A visit to the ward might be in order, although I wouldn't go with them. I'd prefer not to see that place again for a long time, although it appears it might remain a weight around my neck for longer than I thought.

My tutor half suggested I should try handing in a PMC form in respect to the fact that a) no mid-term plan was completed, partly joined with b) I was given no targets to aim for in these things I supposedly hadn't made enough progress in. There is the issue that the ward didn't contact the University (until too late) and certainly didn't speak to my personal tutor. This is a bit contentious, though, as this is also my responsibility. I could argue I didn't think there was a massive problem at mid-term, but that is equally dodgy.

I don't think I will. A PMC would be a drawn out process with but a slim chance of success. I'd rather save a PMC for an occasion which really deserves and warrants one. Instead, my personal tutor and I have agreed I should be proactive. I'm going to put together action plans and PDPs in relation to the things I am supposedly not proficient in. My personal tutor is going to take them back to ICU and make sure they actually pin down some issues instead of making vague, wishy-washy judgements, and then I'll move on to my next placement with these improvements to be made.

My chin is firmly in the up position. I don't think I'll fail to retrieve any of the 5/20 areas I still "have difficulty" with, and these action plans and PDPs will make doubly sure of that.

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