Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Nursing and Poledancing

As (I think) previously mentioned, I pole dance in my spare time. I used to, anyway, and am just getting back into it with my highly talented teacher. I have performed (for fun, not cash) in the past and enjoy it very much. During a discussion on the dreaded NMC and professional conduct both in and out of work, I got to wondering whether anyone could have a problem with this. Pole dancing doesn't involve stripping or anything morally rude. And it's challenging physical activity. I just wonder whether the NMC would see it differently, if I was somehow or for some reason reported for it.

Funny old world, innit?

Suffice to say, for this reason and others I'm heading to join Unison. The RCN do very little for nurses, student or no, so I would rather be part of of one that does. Sounds simple, and is. I like it that way. Unison backed my dear old mum to the hilt when the government were trying to screw her over in employment, so I have faith.

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