Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Not my first first day.

I'm excited.

My new mentor, who I unfortunately won't be spending all my time with given the nature of community nursing, is great. She's only recently qualified, which means she has an idea about what student nurses mean and is generally lovely. The team itself seems sound, too, which is always good news.

The ideas involved in community nursing are certainly interesting, and there are lots of new challenges to face. In the real world, people are nowhere near as compliant as they are in a hospital bed, dressed in their pyjamas. I'm looking forward to learning how nurses work in such environments.

I attended an exercise class this afternoon, followed by a talk on healthy eating. I sat and chatted with the clients, as they should possibly be called within this environment, and it was lots of fun. Interesting, too.

I'd generally forgotten how much I love nursing in general. It's sad that university makes one forget one's love of the core.

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