Thursday, 30 October 2008

Less Excitement

What a difference a few days make. Well, not that much of a difference, truth be told.

My feelings are still mostly positive, but mixed. I very much like talking to patients, and can do so with confidence since I've the experience in cardiology. One of the downsides of the basis of the placement is the constant talks given to the patients. The talks are vital, but I just end up observing, which is dull. The same with exercise classes, which I'm pretty much pointless in, other than helping checking some pulses and blood pressures.

The former part of the job is very interesting, though. My mentor apologises that the interview/assessment part of the job is very much asking the same questions over-and-over. But she is very wise in the sense that she leaves half an hour to an hour for any one-on-one time with patients, which gives them a chance to talk through any problems. And that's all some patients need - a few open-ended questions and a listening ear - especially in community. That's where I could see getting the satisfaction out of working in the community, personally.

So yes, mixed experience. Tomorrow I spend the day with the dietician. An important role when it comes to cardiac rehab. There's a home visit involved, which will certainly be interesting, to say the least. And it sounds as if I might get off early, which will be lovely. As I get to go and dance.

I'm still waiting for some new shoes to be delivered. I have a suspicion my accommodation office are hoarding packages downstairs, since they should've been here by now. Such lack of shoes really are my biggest problem right now. It's fun.

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