Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Question: How do you make a happy student nurse happier?

Answer: Let him leave early.

Placement is great. I was let off early and now have a day off tomorrow. Well, I've got to go into Uni, but that's as good as a day off.

What new things did I do today? Well.

I helped fill in an admission pack, which is new for me.
I watched ANTT and then spiked a bag of dextrose, using an IVAC, helping to set it up.
I listened to a patient's worries, which is a huge part of the job, no matter how wrong they can be.
I went to the blood bank (no vampire jokes) and realised how they work down there.
More vaguely, I've familiarised myself more with the ward and discovered that late shifts are easier than mornings, but mornings are more interesting.

I'm pleased, but tired. And full of cold. But it could be worse.

I have the best present for my newphew and I'll hopefully get to see him this weekend. Woo.

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