Monday, 25 February 2008

A new week...

Today one of the support workers who doesn't like me (yes, it does happen, from time to time) accused me of not being chivalrous. Before I could get annoyed, another member of staff spoke up for me saying it was 'all for equality'. I could've kissed her, even though the support worker said that was 'bullshit'. Ha.

A good day, anyway. I removed another set of surgical staples, recieving an 11/10 from the patient in question. I feel well pleased about that, as I've never taken them out of a stomach before. Good experience.

I also did most of the paperwork today, which was useful experience since the other ward-bases students don't do any. Start early in your training, I say.

I have a very unique patient I'm considering doing a case study on. They're a 60-something year old, ex-stand up comic suffering from confusion and hallucinations with only a limited time left to live. Between the pain and illusions, the patient is very cheery with a highly positive outlook on their future. It's actually quite awe-inspiring, really.

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