Saturday, 2 February 2008


I sat through a lecture recently entitled 'Quality Assurance within the NHS' full of buzz words and rubbish political non-facts. So I wrote this:

Doctors apparently were once abusers,
That's why patients are now called service users,
Have to now use words like 'quality assurance',
People feel they're owed from National Insurance.

People don't worry about what they will miss,
All in the name of customer service,
The idea of health choice a rose tined illusion,
A privately funded, spin doctored delusion.

Sat through lectures full of buzz words,
I find myself feeling strangely scared,
For patients - not clients - and myself,
Health ruled from a box file on the top shelf.

But I feel there's no point in worry,
Just get on with work (not in a hurry),
Countdown the days 'til it's all sound off,
Fragmented care ran by the son of a toff.

They like to call it P-F-I,
Privatisation for "the sake of the little guy",
I know about this you were never asked,
Even though you're overly taxed.

It's to "hit targets, cut waiting times",
more like to fund stakeholder's fine wines,
And to keep the economy strong,
Who cares if the care's gone all wrong?

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