Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Another Reflection

I made my first real boo-boo this placement today (and yes, boo-boo is a technical term).

I'm enthuastic and tenacious. I like to learn and like to challenge myself. When I was asked by a member of the nursing staff (not my, or a, mentor) asked me to do a sterile redress on a wound. I knew it'd be my first time, but thought I had the knowledge and theory to do it.

I didn't, really. Thankfully, a registered nurse looked over my shoulder, told me what I did wrong and pointed me in the right direction.

Am I upset? Of course not. Getting things wrong is part of growing, and noone suffered because of it. Furthermore, I shall do it better next time.

What else did I do today?

I did my first admission (well, the maximum a student nurse can do of one without the input/moniker of a registered nurse). I helped with the discharge of a difficult patient (I know we're not supposed to use that term, but he was a difficult patient). It was somewhat of a challenge, but it was nice to see him go. For his sake (he was something of a homebird) more than mine.

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