Monday, 15 December 2008

Update: Cretins

I have been told, officially, to not speaking to a colleague "as if they're stupid". This, as the previous post will back up, is incredibly difficult when they are, in fact, stupid. Call me old fashioned.

Basically, we were having a debate about blood pressure and it all boiled over (ho ho). A theoretical patient had a blood pressure of 80/60 and someone was implying that this was a sign of cardiogenic shock. I said his was bollocks (in a more polite way) as I've met patients who are quite lucid and /not/ in CGS with such blood pressures. Someone argued with me, which was a bad idea. I asked them, point blank: "What is hypertension?". I probably used the term 'high blood pressure', since they do not like big words. For which the above accusation was levelled.

I don't really care, anymore. The tutor backed up the opinion of a colleague and I - that is to say that such a blood pressure is not indicative of cardiogenic shock. I argued he had a history of hypertension and was medicated for it, which agreed with the above opinion. But, voracious as I was, I made few friends. M'bothered, am I? Not really.

These people I learn with, the people who don't want to hear big words, are one of the reasons nursing doesn't advance as it could and should do. Their attitude adds to negative views towards nurses, in my opinion, which is something along the lines of what this idiot believes. On top of this, I don't think it's my role to dumb down my own learning to a level in which I don't learn. This is the same group who I, being the only one with cardiology experience last year, offered supplementary sessions to. Out of the kindness of my heart, no less! Funny old world.

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