Tuesday, 9 December 2008


With Leave, as opposed to the other kind.

I went home to see my family, specifically my nephews. For the second time in a month my youngest ended up giving me a 24-hour vomit and malaise bug. Wrapping arms around the toilet at 4am on Sunday? Not fun.

As NHS doctrine dictates, I have to stay off until 48-hours have elapsed since the last symptoms. Since then, I've got better and then got bored. I should've done more studying today, when I've felt a lot better (thanks for asking) but didn't. I won't lose myself any sleep over it.

It's good, though, in a roundabout way, to be sick. I'm not sure nurses would be good at their jobs if they didn't have reasonably frequent reminders of how shitty symptoms can make you feel, as well as the repercussions. I originally got into nursing due to the fact I was ill when I was young. The reason I almost got into child nursing.

So, looking on the bright side, it's not all bad!

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