Saturday, 20 December 2008

Term Over.

Yes, indeed. Hark! The herald angels have thought it fit to see me through to the end of a term with my sanity intact. Or something like that.


I've felt the past, compacted week has been something of a waste of time. Except for swapping experiences about placement, which only took about an hour, it was pretty benign. Two lectures were made worse by either: a lecturer not knowing how to use a computer properly, or a computer malfunction. One of these sessions basically involved watching 'Inside I'm Dancing' and reflecting on it. Which was certainly strange as a University experience.

Another involved debating nursing in relation to abuse of the vulnerable. To fence this into a 2 hour session seems a bit harsh, since it's a massive problem. Abuse by carers, professionals, other patients. Horrid subject matter, of course, but something that must be faced. By the end of it the lecturer, who is self-admittedly "old school" (but I like her), said she had faith in us as the subject got us all so upset. She said she still loved nursing after decades in the trade, and if that wasn't an indication of how burn outs don't always happen, nothing was. Useful session, perhaps, but over too soon.

And now it's the Christmas break. Eating, drinking, being merry and of course studying. I'll have to work on accomplishing all four.

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