Monday, 14 April 2008

Two quick points..

Martyrdom - of lack of:

Just a quick note on how pathetic the fundamentalist kids currently on trial actually are. If they hated the West so much they'd be screaming in the dock. They'd be fighting with the bailiffs. More than anything, they'd say they were guilty and say they wished they'd gotten away with it, too (if not for you pesky kids). I mean, come on - they're on video pretty much admitting it! But no. They're pleaded not guilty. Where's their perverted image of a God now, I wonder?


Second point. We spoke more about accepting people's cultural norms (ad nauseum). So, I have decided to keep using the term 'bird' to mean woman. Yes, it's sexist, but it's also part of my cultural heritage. If it's good for the goose...

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