Saturday, 26 April 2008

Cheap Booze, my view,

Lots of problems surround drinking. The media would have you believe this was a new issue, but it's not. I'm currently reading an article in New Scientist discussing how to cut levels of drinking and the connected problems.

One of these 'ideas' is to hike the price of alcohol so noone can afford it. This stinks, somewhat, of the same ideals of prohibition, which history tells us didn't work. It's a rather annoyingly simple idea in my head.

People + Alcohol = Bad
People - Alcohol = Good

Things aren't that black and white.

From my point of view, well... I like a drink. If drink was upped in price (as if £3.50 for a pint isn't bad enough) I would, I believe, probably just move on to soft drugs which would be competitively cheaper in price. I wonder how many other people would find themselves driven underground, so to speak?

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