Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Two Posts - One Day

Today we had a lecture about 'Power and Empowerment'. I foresaw me puking up everywhere, but thankfully it was one of my favourite lecturers so it was alright, in the end.

We got onto the Carl Rogers bollocks idea of: 'When do you feel most empowered? Who empowers you? How do you stay empowered?'*

The above (and below) asterisk information may be quite flippant, but it's half true. I empower, as I believe in myself. Maybe this is a good example of self-realisation in the Maslowe sense. It's certainly concerned with my personal ideas being in step with the image I portray. So, I empower myself. What helps? Being flippant, to be honest. And being in the thick of things. I'm a male nurse working in the adult sphere. I'm pretty rare, and it's a big challenge, and that gets me out of bed every morning more than the 8:30am showing of Frasier.

I stay empowered by frequently challenging myself and never hiding away in a comfort zone. My next ward is elderly Cardiology and Rhumetology. Originally, I wasn't looking forward to the elderly context. It's not an area I particularly love nor want to work in once I'm qualified. But I need to challenge myself, so that shall be an interesting adventure.

I will, as ever, keep you informed.

* My answers: All the fucking time, me and raw charisma were not utterly well in keeping with the lecture's ideas.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

It's just so comforting to hear what nurse educators believe to be important!
Yet another reason to stay out of hospital and die on the floor at home methinks ;) BG

OFMN said...

Ha. Consider yourself lucky that most of us are asleep through these lectures and actually use out moral and clinical judgement rather than buzz terms and gobble-de-gook that's thrown at us at Uni.