Monday, 23 March 2009

More Placement Thinking

I had these really current and up to date posts typed up in draft form and thought Blogger saved them for me. I was wrong. So I'll be quick, instead.

I am in the middle of a mini-week off. I spent four nights in work, adapting temporarily to the life of a vampire nurse. Stealing pinpricks of blood and walking around silently.

It was a mixed week in the end. There were a few less than hum drum moments in which I thought nursing wasn't for me after all, and there were more than a few moments in which my faith in the profession was reinvigorated. The nurses I was working directly under, one my main mentor, one a complete random, were helpful in this. They told me how I was fitting in with the team well and coming off as competent, to say the least, which helps.

All a bit vague, I realise and apologise.

To be honest, I think I thought ICU was going to be a more intense experience than it has been. Maybe I'm getting off easy. Or maybe I'm emotionally hardier than I thought.

That's being 25 for you...

I'll get back here with more specific things soon. Right now, I'm enjoying a mini-week off, due to the glory of how my shifts are arranged. Time off is almost as important as time on, after all...

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