Saturday, 14 March 2009

ICU, one week down.

Indeed, my first week of placement on ICU is finished. Sadly!

I'm enjoying it, thus far. It's difficult, y'see, in a challenging, rather than dangerous and horrible, way. As a taste, for the first day, I witnessed back-to-back tracheotomies and helped on the second, which was not entirely by-the-book. You'd think holding a tube would be pretty easy, but it's really not. The doctors were awesome, though, talking me through all the curves.

I'm a bit tired, after two Long Days in a row. Suffice to say, I've learnt a lot already. I like my mentors (associate ones) and I like the staff I've met.

The first patient I had, in shaky writing (since they were one of the trachee'd patients), expressed disbelief it was only my first day. It was sweet.

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