Monday, 24 November 2008

Nazi Nursing

This is all at once saddening and maddening.

The four pillars of ethical practice and the views of far right, racist, nationalist politics do not mirror each other. In fact, they clash quite massively with each other. This idea that one could treat every person with dignity, respect and acknowledge their autonomy is somewhat ruined if, underneath, you want to unlawfully throw them out of the country for having skin that isn't white.

This is typical behaviour from the NMC. I am a constant critic of the lack of political opinions and stance from nurses in general, who seem to play the angel/martyr card as a get-out clause. But this is typical hands-off work by the NMC.

Political freedom is one thing. The freedom to believe in things which go directly against all nursing (and, to a point, the NHS) stands for is completely different. I believe in socialism, partly, and I definitely believe in trade unions. This political belief does not throw around slogans such as 'Rights for Whites' or does not involve violence and intimidation against it's opponents. It does not advocate hate or any other inequality. There's a fucking difference. No pity for fascists, no quarter for fascists. Just call me old fashioned.

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